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Children's Issues

Turn your Child's Stress, Anxieties & Fears into Resilience & Confidence 

Turning Your Child's Stress into 


The video above just takes 2 minutes to watch. This clip is relevant more to older children and teens showing you how teaching your child resilience and valuable life skills is crucial.

Turn Your Child's Fears & Anxieties into Confidence

This 2 minute video clip is relevant more to primary school age children. Remember also we all have the little child within.  Showing how turning your child's fears and anxieties into confidence.

Using a simple approach 

with the modalities Sheila specialises in including 

Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

 & Mindfulness for Children 

Sheila can help your child manage stress and develop their own ability to use mental skills for their well being and success!

Is your child or teenager experiencing issues such as 

anxiety, lack of self confidence, depression, peer pressure, 

being bullied, being a bully, worried, fears and phobias, 

learning difficulties, toileting issues or some other issue or emotion?

Working with Sheila is an opportunity to tap into your 

child's self confidence.

Sheila is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and 

International Accredited Mindfulness For Children Teacher  

Together over the past 20 years with Sheila's experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach along with the experience of working with Children as a Teachers Aide Special with behaviour and learning difficulties finds she has great rapport with children and teens.  


Sheila is also an internationally certified mindfulness for children teacher bringing your child so much more.


With this experience helps to bring the rapport Sheila has with children to a deeper level helping your child feel more comfortable and at ease, more quickly. 


Please note a parent will need to be present with your child under 18 years. 


With an initial complimentary phone call with the parent we can discuss your child's needs and suitability.


This package generally includes 3 x 1 hour appointments from the comfort of your own home online or in person in Wagga Wagga and Ungarie. 


Please note just as much time goes into preparing each session as actually working with the child in the session, as Sheila tailors each program to suit the individual child. 


Please Contact Sheila to discuss your child's needs.  

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