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Thank you for visiting Sheila's Testimonials page.
Here you will find many Testimonials Sheila's clients have kindly shared their experience to help inspire others with a wide range of issues.

Below you will find some wonderful testimonials kindly shared to help inspire others by those who have attended Sheila's

Online Weight Loss Group Programs.


I am pleased to say that I have lost weight & continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have reached where I am today without Sheila's program.  Sheila is the utmost professional, yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients. Not only have I lost weight, but I have developed lifestyle changes which will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thanks Sheila for helping me become the healthy person I was meant to be. Cindy 20/5/21

I have lost my need to eat when I am stressed. Michellee 12/1/21

Thankyou so much. I loved the program. I will be back for more. Anonymous 8/12/20

I personally found the hypnosis valuable for moving through an emotional issue that I had been harboring for some time. This was my reason for joining the program.  I have now received the tools to utilise should any such similar concerns surface.  Sheila was professional and provided a realistic and thought provoking program.  I thank Sheila from the bottom of my heart for creating the space for me to access the level of consciousness necessary to make and embrace those exciting changes.

Kindest Regards Robyn 30/11/20

I really enjoyed this program.  I am happy with the progress I have made in the 4 weeks. It honestly hasn't been a struggle for me  like it would have been in the past.  I now have the tools & the right mind set thanks to Sheila to get where I want to be. :)

Requelle 29/10/20  


I feel I have much more confidence, I'm not eating much sugar at all, I was totally addicted to sweet things. Now I just think they're too sweet and don't crave them.  The program has been great for me. Sheila was a great help and I totally recommend it to anyone looking to change their life.  Wendy 26/9/20

I've tried many weight loss programs over the years which never helped, and I was continually trying to find something that would work for me.  The hypnotherapy changed my thoughts on how much I would eat and how often and really feel confident that was right for me.  Sheila was very easy and approvable to listen and understand also.  I loved the EFT and all the extra recordings to listen to which you have available always. Thankyou Sheila. W 26/9/20 

I found this program really easy. It was not telling you what you can eat but to reduce your portion sizes and it makes you rethink what you are having and not feel hungry A: 20/9/20

This was my first time doing any hypnosis. I found the program was very enjoyable, The support provide was exceptional and professional.  I feel confident I can change my eating habits for the better after completing the program and will continue to benefit, using the tools provided.  The program was not just a weight loss program but a whole mind changing program.  Di 19/7/20 

I enjoyed participating in the program and gained some useful tools and guidance to support my weight loss journey. It's not a quick fix, it's a lifestyle change. Sally 17/7/20

Below I've shared in a more creative format more recent testimonials with a variety of issues.  

TW Testimonial Weight loss.jpg

Please read below more of the Testimonials Sheila's clients have generously shared to inspire others.


Virtual Holiday Testimonials 

Thankyou Sheila for my relaxing stress free holiday to Disneyland. Some of my grandchildren came along and we all had a lovely time. 

Wendy 6/5/20 


My US road trip came at the right time. l was feeling rather rubbish and being able to relax and change my thought patterns by listening to your recording was amazing, it was wonderful to be somewhere else for a short time. Thank you, you are amazing.

Lynda 10/5/20


Thankyou for my lovely experience in the mountains Sheila.

Viv 13/5/20


Online Testimonials

Sheila thank you so much for my session yesterday I feel so relaxed and so centred. I can’t even express how it makes me feel after seeing you even though it’s not in person you still have a way to connect with me and make me feel as though a great weight has been lifted. Can’t wait to speak to you again. Stacy 2/5/20


When I approached Sheila for help with chronic health & anxiety, I was at my wits end. I had undergone hypnotherapy twice with two other practitioners, without success. The medication I was prescribed for my severe psoriasis and arthritis was not working as effectively as it should and my stress and anxiety levels were increasing.  Sheila was a breath of fresh air! Her expertise, forethought and planning, insight and compassion made the sessions we had together not only an enjoyable and uplifting experience, but gave me the means to help myself heal.

Bianca, Noosa - April 2020


Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Testimonials

From not being able to get to sleep, to be able to go to sleep without taking a sleeping pill was what I wanted. Out of the past 14 nights since seeing you since my first visit I've slept well for the past 10 nights with no pills.  I'm feeling better through the day, it's amazing. I wondered how this could work but something has. I use EFT regularly before going to bed. Thankyou very much I'm glad I came in to see you.  Carmel 19/6/20


Hi Sheila I wanted to let you know that my hypnotherapy appointment has made a huge impact on my mindset. Thank you, you have a wonderful gift. Fiona NSW 4/3/20


I haven’t had a lolly, biscuit or piece of cake since my last meeting with you!!! Yehhh I am sleeping so much better & managing my stress levels better too. I am already feeling the benefits!!! Wahoo!! Yeh!!! I am feeling in control of my life!!! Bless you!!!! Cheers Rob NSW 15/8/16


After feeling myself sinking into the darkness of depression I called Sheila to make an appointment. After four sessions of Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP I have found my balance and light again. Thankyou Sheila for helping me find my way. Kate - NSW 21/2/11


I believed I was "stuck" and was unable to move forward. I also had less and less energy, motivation & creativity. I had lost confidence in being myself. Sheila helped me by using Reiki, EFT and cognitive thinking. In times of setbacks, I can relate to a metaphor for life that Sheila & I worked on together. It enables me to move on with a reality check using a light, fun outlook. Linda - Victoria 24/3/09


After 5 years of suffering ill health from bereavement and stress, I found my way to Sheila at “Your Pathway to Health”. It was time to get back to enjoying my life With a relaxing Reiki Healing, and just a few EFT, NLP & Hypnosis sessions with Sheila, I found I was well on my way back to living a healthier, happier life, making choices in my life that are positive. Thank you Sheila for teaching me the healthy way to thinking, to make life enjoyable. Wendy L Victoria 24/3/09


Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Program Testimonials

Hi Sheila Just letting you know it will be 5 years at the end of October since I've had a filthy cigarette, thanks to you. I don't think I could've done it on my own. Rhonda 1/9/22 


G'day Sheila, I saw you to quit smoking, it's been 12 months and I'm still off them thankyou Gary 31/8/19


I was a heavy smoker for over 40 years. I tried other methods. After hypnosis with Sheila I'm now a non smoker and have been for 9 months today. Thankyou Sheila Rhonda 30/8/18


It's been 20 months since I gave up and have never looked back, thankyou Sheila. Joanne 3-2-17


It's been 5 months and 2 weeks since I stopped smoking, I still can't believe it. Whilst I struggled in the beginning it now doesn't cross my mind at all to smoke. So thank you once again for helping me, you have changed my life. Ros 13/12/16


The pre-talk was very informative, it provided the reinforcement to give up the bad habit of smoking. Blake 5/10/16


Hi Sheila. I took up your Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes Guaranteed. I have to say after four years I am still a fresh air breathing person .. I cannot thank you enough for this. It has liberated me to no end. Suzanne 17/9/16


I Quit Cigarettes back in August 2014 with Sheila, I didn't have one puff of a cigarette for 18 mths. I lost 15 kgs in this time, I was breathing better, felt fitter, fresher, my wife said I stopped snoring instantly, I'd jump out of bed feeling energised. 3 weeks ago I made the mistake of having a cigarette, I don't know why I did, I just did. Not wanting to go there again I called Sheila as she said if I needed support she'd be there, I know I don't want them. Thankyou Sheila once again. I am a non smoker. John 18/4/16


Over 12 months ago I attended your Quit Smoking program and in that time I have not looked to have a cigarette. I had attempted to stop smoking several times before with little success but your program has worked first time. Ian Temora NSW 17/7/13​​


11 weeks off the smokes today. Feel great thankyou very much. Anthony NSW 30/10/12


I have not had a cigarette since our session. (about 6 weeks ago). I don't feel the need to have one. Things in general are going well and are looking bright. As far as smoking is concerned I don't even get the craving and really don't like the smell any more. Thank you very much. Many thanks. Cheers Robert NSW 26/10/12


Thank you for making everything very relaxing and informative. I am NON Smoker its been a great 12 months Thank you for everything. Suzanne NSW 22/10/13


I thought I’d let you know it’s been 8 weeks and everything is good. I’m a confirmed nonsmoker. I feel fitter and I’m breathing better. I had a habit of smoking for 50 yrs and I had no physical withdrawal symptoms. It’s been a lifestyle change that’s carried over to a few other areas in my life. Now and again if I have a thought, I smile to myself and say I’m a non-smoker. Everything is good. Thankyou Sheila Michael Cootamundra 20-7-12


Just sending an email through to say THANKYOU so much for the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Hypnosis. It has been nearly ten months since I saw you and I have never picked up a smoke from when I left your office and I don't intend to! It was so easy and I was shocked by how well my session worked for me, please everyone needs to know that this does work. Marvellous work Sheila and Thankyou for saving me from the dangers of smoking! Samantha NSW


I have been smoking for 30 yrs. The Big difference for me right now is I feel better. What I found useful are the myths of cigarettes. You can quit, they are not a need. I liked the session as for me it's broken the habit of the hand to mouth. My biggest regret is I wish I had done this sooner! Vanessa NSW 22-2-12


My experience today was very inspirational, motivating and informative. Talia NSW 1/12


I'm a non smoker still, 2 months tomorrow. No more throat infections :) no more croaky speech, blood pressure the best it's been and loving it! Tony NSW 24/12/11


I've been a non-smoker now for 100 days. It's been really good. No pangs at all. It's been the easiest time since my one session with Sheila. It's a real load off my mind. Collin Condobolin NSW 11/12


Today's experience was very relaxing, interesting to learn about the facts rather than getting forced fed by the media about the addiction. Mitchell NSW 8/11


I now feel with the help I received today I will be able to achieve my goal. Kerry NSW 5/11


It is a very effective Program of treatment with follow up sessions if needed. Allan NSW 5/11


Sheila provided a safe, secure and relaxing environment for my therapy, ensuring my comfort and trust at all times. I feel confident that together we have been able to achieve a healthier, happier and more successful future for me, my fiancé and our family. Thanks Sheila :) NSW 5/11


I have tried patches, gum and tablets and they didn’t work and I really do want to Quit so this is my last try. I don’t want to die with emphysema or cancer so this will help. Betty NSW 5/11


Women's Wellbeing Retreat & Workshop Testimonials

Thank you so much to the ladies who have kindly shared their experience by attending a Retreat or Workshop with Sheila.


Hi Sheila I think of you often and how your retreat 3 years ago helped me on my journey, forever grateful. Life is great !!! Carmel 5/3/20


First day I wasn't sure if this was my thing, second day was really great, feel as though a heavy weight has lifted from my body, very keen to use my new tools, overall great experience. Thankyou Sheila pleasure to meet you. Wendy 8/9/19


Feeling more grown up, relaxing, feeling full of joy today and for the rest of my life, it's just what I needed. 8/9/19


I have been following Sheila on Facebook for several years, it was lovely to meet in person. The retreat was an amazing weekend, to dive deep into learning about self love and would highly recommend it. Much gratitude for the wonderful time, Warm Regards Leanne. 8/9/19


I found Sheila to be very positive, helpful, mindful and spiritual lady. Enjoyed the small group of like minded ladies. Relaxing, peaceful, in touch with your inner peace, very calming. I had a client with me, on the second day we did notice she was a lot more calmer and peaceful. 8/9/19


This is my second retreat with Sheila and once again I am leaving with a feeling of calm, peace and relaxation. Using Sheila's tools, I feel my mind and heart opening even more and my stagnant perspectives and beliefs shifting. I love the warm and supportive space Sheila has created, I will be back! Kim 8/9/19


Returning for my 2nd retreat I am a different person physically, mentally and emotionally. Your Pathway To Health's Nurture Yourself Back To Natures Women's Retreat was the catalyst that propelled me into going deeper in my personal development journey the past 11 months. To receive the modalities intimately with Sheila and a few like-minded women seeking inner guidance, strength, peace and happiness moving forward with ease and grace, I am hearing, seeing and feeling the healings with new yees, ears and feelings. Stunning. I truly loved the small groups and the sharing, everyone has inspired me to be more, do more and have more, so I can give more to others. Kim 8/9/19


I am so appreciative that my personal growth journey now has a physical place to retreat and receive treatment on the beautiful Tumut River at the Tumut Log Cabins. Sheila Henley shares a safe and welcoming space that is intimate, comfortable and real. Kim 31/9/18 


My time on retreat has been amazing, arrived feeling tired with minor ailments, during the various sessions my emotional and physical self felt an amazing shift in the energy. Great way to spend the weekend. Heather 31/9/18


Sheila made us feel relaxed and inspired also to be more confident, make healthy food choice and love ourselves more. Annabel 16/6/18


It is always good to remind yourself to look after oneself because if you are confident and happy with oneself everyone around you feeds off you which makes for an enjoyable life. Workshops like this reminds us of who we want to be. Charmain 16/6/18


Was a great day with Sheila, learnt a lot about Health, nutrition & EFT. Di 16/6/18


Sheila is an amazing lady and I'd love for my daughters and granddaughter to come and see her as Sheila has helped me so very much and I know that it would help them. Love Love Love it. Jennifer 16/6/18


The workshop was a really enjoyable day. EFT was very interesting, the course outline was great. Have learnt lots of new tools. Finished with a great Hypnotherapy session and the food was fabulous! Leonie 16/6/18


Sheila's compassionate and inspiring mind and soul will guide you back to your path to Bloom where you are planted. Kim 3/6/18


A wonderful way to get away from the daily hustle and bustle. A great way to have time out to work on yourself, relax and recharge. Danielle 3/6/18


The retreat was very good, made me think more about life and how we are to be more grateful and enjoy it and make the most of what we have.

Debbie 3/6/18


What a wonderful weekend to treat myself and reconnect with myself and nature. Sometimes you just need to stop and reflect and realign yourself to who you are and who you want to be, this weekend has done just that thankyou Sheila. Jo 3/6/18


Amazing weekend with Sheila, fantastic location, very relaxing, feeling calm and relaxed. Extremely enjoyable and something for "me"time. Excellent recommend highly. The food was excellent. Chris 4/3/18


The retreat was fun, relaxing and very helpful with ways to handle different things in my life, personal and work related. Very peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Delicious food thank you.  Cathy 4/3/18


Thank you for a great 2 days with great ladies. Learnt a lot about myself. Sheila is very patient and understanding and awesome at what she does. The food was yummy Thank you again. Carolyn 4/3/18


I have gained the tools I need to change my way of thinking and move into a happy life. The food was lovely. Heather 4/3/18


I had a wonderful relaxing weekend which helped me leave the stresses of work behind. The location is just beautiful. Sheila is well organised and very professional but also allows for going with the flow. A beautiful weekend for the busy woman. Tracy 4/6/17


What a fantastic, relaxing experience. I am going home a different person. I'm more focused and ready to make changes and except where life takes me. I came to this retreat with no expectations and I wasn't disappointed. Robyn 4/6/17


I have attended 2 retreats with Sheila, I came away having learnt how to handle stress, move forward with inner confidence and strength. 

Helen 4/6/17


The weekend was very relaxing. The group of 5 ladies was a good size group, not too many. Some of the tools to help were quite good and simple. Sharen 4/6/17


I came with no expectations. I am walking away feeling lighter, as I have learnt some tools to help me deal with life stresses and letting go. Mandy 4/6/17


I recommend doing the retreat with Sheila, it was more than I expected. Annette 5/3/17


Felt welcomed with open arms, nice group of ladies learnt some extra tools that will be used in my future. Carmel 5/3/17


I found everything about the retreat enjoyable, just listening to others speak about their problems relating to myself. Helen 5/3/17


I have just returned from a Health and Well Being Retreat weekend with Sheila, she is a beautiful gentle soul, whom genuinely cares for those in her presence, she showed me how to get to where I need to be, with added strength, and confidence, feeling very grateful. My daughter suggested trying your retreat to learn how to care and deal with long held issues. Helen 5/3/17


I had been in a black hole for 2 years on medication for depression, I didn't know how to climb out of the black hole. I feel like the lid has been lifted. The retreat was life changing. Thankyou Sheila Maree 5/3/17 


It was such a relaxing weekend away. I learnt some wonderful techniques to help with my anxiety and stress. Good food and good company. Lisa 4/9/16


Thankyou Sheila for a wonderful retreat enabling me to relax and open my mind in a fantastic setting with like minded women. Vicki 4/9/16


I am very happy Sheila provided the workshop. The EFT was fantastic with great results. The Health and Nutrition was very interesting. Very relaxing environment. Diane 16/3/15


I had a wonderful day and learnt many new things about health and nutrition. The Emotional Freedom Technique was exciting, The hypnosis was very relaxing. Claire 16/3/15


Weight Loss / Body Reshaping Testimonials

Hi Sheila, early days I know but I can't believe how different I feel it was instant. I weighed myself today I've lost 2 kg. I'm not looking for food now as I was. Thanks Vickie 11/7/17


I haven't had any chocolate since my first session with Sheila 6 weeks ago. When I think of it now I get a sick feeling. I have no urges for it at all. I was addicted, it was my comfort, I was having it daily without fail. I feel so much more relaxed and calmer in myself. I'm more conscious of what I'm putting in my body. Jodie 7/6/16


Sheila’s common sense approach is a breath of fresh air. I feel it’s sustainable. Anne NSW 21/11/13 


I’m now choosing healthier options, living an everyday life. Without Sheila’s help, there is no way I could have done this on my own. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. JMH NSW 24-9-13 


When I came to see Sheila 4 weeks ago I was overweight. I was flat out putting my socks on of a morning. This morning I could bend over easily and clean my shoes. My breathing is a lot better. I’m enjoying life, I’m much more relaxed in myself, more patient and a lot happier. Fred NSW 23/7/13

I have been overweight my entire life and have struggled in the usual yo-yo fashion. Since I’ve been to Sheila Henley I must admit that I am more confident than I have ever been. This time I KNOW that I can do this and that I will succeed. Thank you Sheila – I wish I had found you and your advice half a lifetime ago! Lorene NSW 6/4/13


Overall I found the experience extremely motivating, successful, life altering and hopeful. The hypnosis was relaxing and seemed very effective. Thankyou very much. Katie NSW 2/4/13​


My appointments were much more than I thought they would be.. Sheila is very approachable, professional and talks in a simplistic manner. I have lost weight each and every week since my first appointment and I am almost halfway to reaching my goal weight along with feeling so much better already. Megan NSW 20/2/13


I thought I'd let you know I'm going along fine. I listen to your cds most days. The best thing I have done for myself for a long time was coming to see you. Thankyou. Michelle NSW 31/7/12


Ron has kindly shared his progress along the way with working with the Hypnoband program at the time.  When he came in to see me he was 124 kgs, when he completed the 4th session he was 111kgs.  The last update he was 93kgs.  

I went in with an open mind and to my surprise I can't believe the change in myself. Exercise has just become a daily routine without even thinking about it. I have more energy than ever. I've have lost 31 kgs since I started the program with you.  I've gone from a 3 XL Shirt to a Large. I am feeling terrific thanks to you. I still exercise regularly and am feeling great. Our shopping bill is so cheap now, half of the aisles we don't go down now. Even alcohol consumption is only when there is a function or something special and even then I only have a few.  I AM FEELING SO GREAT IT'S NOT FUNNY. I've stopped taking Blood Pressure tablets months ago. Once again a big thank you Sheila you have changed my life! Ron 17/8/12


Testimonials Study and Learning

After several sessions with Sheila working with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnosis and Reiki I now have completed my Diploma “You are never too old to achieve, if I can do it, anyone can”. Thank you Sheila very much for your support. Dolly NSW


Children's Issues Testimonial


'I have a 9 year old son with a recently diagnosed chronic disease. While in general he is coping very well sometimes at bedtime his mind is 'running' and it is very difficult for him to go to sleep. In the last few weeks after some discussions with Sheila he has started using a child focussed hypnotherapy CD provided by her. The positive effect of this CD was instantaneous. The wave music and story being told settles him and gives him a focus to concentrate on as he goes to sleep. It has become such a habit that now he only hears the wave music and is asleep before the story starts! Alison - NSW 23-2-11


Angel Card Reading Testimonials

Thank you Sheila feel this year will be a very good one your offer came at a very low time for me however it has given me a more positive outlook 

Blessings, Lesley 7/1/16


My reading was spot on, yes I get anxiety, was worried about the move and money and a lot of other things that come up was spot on but personal so I don't want to advertise on here, but I can say all correct and a good read, thankyou so much, it makes me feel more confident now from the messages. What an angel of a lady and so good at what she does. Live facebook reading Tracey 14/9/16 xxxx


Thanks so much Sheila for the reading all of it resonates. I have been getting subtle signs regarding finances so hopefully I'll be more successful in that area and I'm going to try and relax and let things happen in their own time. I am grateful for what I already have, I just need a little bit more help so once again thanks so much god bless. Live facebook reading - Jennifer 15/9/16


Amazing natural & flowing reading. Almost like the flowing river, straight from the heart and great affirmations. Thankyou so much for your insight and genuine feel. Much Appreciated. Tina 30/4/16


The reading I had with Sheila was Spot on! Helped me open up and realise some things I need to do to put my life in the right direction. Keep doing what you are doing!! Ben 30/4/16


First ever reading, didn't have any expectations, Sheila interpreted my cards well and related them to my life and own personal journey. Thanks Sheila. Bec 1/5/16


I came into my reading openly not knowing what I felt or what was in my life but when the cards were turned and explained it hit me & I understood & could relate/connect with them. I appreciate all my cards and it has given me an open mind with guidance to move forward in the pursuit to my happiness. Jackie 1/5/16


Amazing honesty, I felt really inspired, some of the things said I found excellent, it was really good, it was lovely. Jackie 1/5/16


Reiki & Crystal Healing Testimonials

I have had a number of Reiki sessions and at times have become so relaxed I am not conscious of it being performed. I would suggest to anyone to open their mind to try something new with Reiki. 'Alison - NSW 23-2-11


I was surprised to find that I was so completely relaxed during my Reiki session. Sheila put me at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed my very relaxing Reiki experience. I find that I am taking the time to look after myself much more these days and I think that it is so beneficial not only for me but for everyone around me. Sue - NSW 10-2-11


Very enjoyable experience. Never been more relaxed. Do not get worked up and stressed over little or big things. Feeling better within myself and have a more positive outlook on life. Donna - NSW 9-2-11


Very relaxing - nice quiet time out! Michelle - NSW 21-1-11


I now have no trouble sleeping, I am now able to put things into perspective a lot better and I am able to let the little things go that were getting me stressed out. I am a lot more positive and relaxed and my inner self and mind is a lot happier. I recommend any one to give Reiki a go as you will be surprised with the results. Fiona NSW 15/4/12


Book Reviews

I loved the photography and messages of inspiration. It's a lovely coffee table book. I would recommend your book for encouragement and hope. Thankyou Carolyn. 19/4/17


Thanks Sheila for your amazing book "Bloom where you are planted" the photos and inspiration messages are just beautiful, you are so talented. Chris 19/4/17


I just read your book again from front to back it made me feel very relaxed. Wendy 14/5/17


Australian Bush Flower Essences Testimonials

I mentioned to Sheila that I worry a lot. Sheila suggested I try a mixture of the Australian Bush Essences. I am clearer in my thinking & much more balanced. I’m more light hearted within myself. I feel I’m better mentally as my thinking is better. Sandra NSW 13/8/13


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