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About Sheila 


Sheila Henley, Founder & Clinical Hypnotherapist of Your Pathway To Health, stands as a testament to dedication in the realm of holistic health. 


A Published Author and Hypnotherapy Supervisor, her journey spans over a remarkable 14 years specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy and two enriching decades working with children and teens.


Adhering firmly to the belief that "Prevention is easier than cure", every session, whether in-person in Ungarie and Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia, or online, is infused with an intuitive and caring touch.


Sheila's multifaceted expertise encompasses modalities including Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Reiki. 


As the author of "Bloom Where You Are Planted: Inspirational Messages and Guidance in Nature" (published in 2017), she draws inspiration from nature's profound wisdom. This resonance with nature is also evident in the engaging posts on the 'Your Pathway To Health' Facebook page.


Having specialized as a "Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes" expert for over a decade, Sheila's singular session approach has positively impacted 95% of her clients. 


Her skills further extend to weight management, mental well-being addressing anxiety and depression, navigating relationship challenges, addressing menopause concerns, and inner child healing. 


A recent addition to her repertoire is her certification as a Mindfulness for Children Teacher.


A brief glimpse into her specializations includes:


Smoking Cessation: Assisting clients to overcome the smoking habit.


Weight Management: Tailored 1-1 or group programs for sustainable weight loss and holistic living.


Emotional Well-being: Techniques dedicated to fostering emotional balance.


Relationship Guidance: Empathetic assistance to handle personal and interpersonal challenges.


Online and in person Groups & Retreats: Offering enriching group experiences for personal growth.


Healing, Guidance & Inspiration: A blend of intuitive insights, oracle card readings, and Reiki healing addressing the mental, emotional, and physical facets of well-being.


Sheila's commitment to her community is apparent. Weekly, she shares complimentary oracle card readings on her Facebook page, creating a nurturing space for guidance and inspiration.


Dedicated to fostering the growth of upcoming hypnotherapists, as a supervisor, she emphasizes best practices and high standards. 


Her holistic journey began two decades ago with Juice Plus, a health product she continues to endorse. 


The simple yet profound principle of 'Prevention is easier than cure' emerged as she ventured deeper into the field, realizing the transformative potential of one-on-one interactions and also in groups online and in person retreats.


To maintain a consistent connection with her clientele, Sheila shares a monthly newsletter packed with insights, updates, and enriching content.


At Your Pathway To Health, Sheila takes pride in assisting every individual's transformative journey to reach their full potential.  


Sheila's unwavering commitment ensures that each client is guided towards optimal health, happiness, and fulfillment, by continuous learning and heartfelt sharing.


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