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Mindfulness with Sheila 

Sheila is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and accredited Mindfulness for Children Teacher bringing you even more. Sheila also enjoys sharing guided meditations with adults as well. 

Sheila has created a 4 week mindfulness online guided meditation program and is happy to share it with your family, friends or colleagues to help bring calm and balance to the home and workplace. 

The cost of the 4 week program is $120 per person. We will need a minimum of 4 people. So please feel free to arrange your program at a suitable time for you.

4 Week Mindfulness Guided Meditation 

Online Program With Sheila 

If you'd like to gather your family, friends or work colleagues together we can create a program just to suit you.  

With Sheila over a 4 week period on zoom. 

Each week you will be guided through a live mindfulness meditation 

with topics including

anxiety, confidence, relaxation & sleep. 

You will receive a mp3 each week inbetween the program to listen to inbetween the sessions and beyond, they will be yours to keep and a copy of my book mail to each participant. 

Contact Sheila

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