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Bloom Where You Are Planted 

Inspirational Messages and Guidance

In Nature with Sheila Henley

Bloom Where You Are Planted Sheila Henley

Sheila’s hope is her book she has created & published ''Bloom Where You Are Planted, Inspirational Messages and Guidance In Nature with Sheila Henley'' takes you beyond the pages to a place deep within your soul, back to where it all began, in nature. A place that allows you to be just in this moment with the words and photos all taken in nature personally by Sheila, to each person it will take on a new meaning that relates to you to help you move forward on your journey.

When you feel like a pick-me-up, inspiration or guidance or a little time out in nature simply open the book to any page to find the message you need, to remind yourself to bloom where you are planted, no matter what the circumstances or where you are or what's happening in your life at this time.


Sheila's publisher Balboa Press is a Division of Hay House.

To receive your signed copy by Sheila within Australia please click on the link below where you see the 

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Also available online through the following weblinks

Bloom Where You Are Planted Balboa Press
Bloom Where You Are Planted Amazon
Bloom Where You Are Planted Book Depository
Bloom Where You Are Planted Sheila Henley

Book Reviews

I loved the photography and messages of inspiration. It's a lovely coffee table book. I would recommend your book for encouragement and hope. Thankyou Carolyn. 19/4/17

Thanks Sheila for your amazing book "Bloom where you are planted" the photos and inspiration messages are just beautiful, you are so talented. Chris 19/4/17

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