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The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart Program


Sheila Henley from Your Pathway To Health

One lovely lady who purchased the program  called it

The 12 keys To Health Abundance Program :)

The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart Program with Sheila Henley

The 12 keys to Heal Your Heart Program has been created since I found this beautiful key you see in the picture. When you look closely at the key you will notice behind the glass front, would you believe are dandelion seeds. Notice the part of the key you would put into the lock, it is made up of 2 love hearts entwined together. All this is held together by the key, blending in so beautifully together.


The dandelion theme I use in my business has just evolved over time, for those who follow me would know. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach we use metaphors to get a message across to help you move forward from where you may feel stuck in your life. 

I have put together an E-Book with the 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart, each key has 12 key points, totalling 144 key points.

As you can see in the pictures above 2 of the 12 keys are Positivity and Listening. The other 10 Keys are Acceptance, Belief, Boundaries, Connection, Dreams, Energy, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Honesty and Love.

The Program Consists of:

The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart  75 page E-Book - You will receive this by email.

12 audios - The 12 keys To Heal Your Heart (approx 3 minutes each)

    Guided Meditation -  The Key To Heal Your Heart  (10 minutes)
    Closed Facebook Page consisting of the 12 audios, guided meditation & The 12 Keys in written form.

    Please note when you purchase this package you will receive the E-Book by Email.  As I receive your notification I will then forward the E-Book to you. Please be patient and allow time for me to send within 24 hours. Unfortunately it's not automatic. (one of my future goals)

    Following this please search Your Pathway To Health Facebook page (The link is at the bottom of this page, please like the page if you haven't already.  You will notice if you click on 'groups' to the left of the page you can request to join  The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart closed face-book page.

    Once you have paid for the course  and requested to join the page I will join you as a member where you will find all the content is contained, including an introduction audio. 

    I've also added a contact form below, please fill this in once payment is made so I can send your E-Book to you. 

    Thankyou so much for taking this opportunity to Heal Your Heart with the 12 keys and so much more.

    I look forward to connecting with you.

    Total Cost $25.00    
    (for the Christmas special between 12/12/18 and the 24/12/18 please purchase the program for $12.00 as my gift to you through the Buy it now button further down the page)

The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart

Christmas Special. 

Between the dates from 12th December (12th of the 12th)

Until the 24th December

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The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart Program

I receive ‘gross’ abundance every time I listen to any of the 12 Keys in the 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart program. I access the content through audios or the handy e-book. Filled with hearty health tips and guidance for my mind and spirit, my soul is lifted. I have control of the content I feel drawn to, or I allow the universe to decide what I need to hear using shuffle, freeing me from my thought superhighway that is busy enough! The messages are a great pick-me-up in many situations: meditation, a relaxing bath, out and about driving or exercising or in the garden (like listening to a podcast). The 12 Keys keep my thoughts positive and help release fears like a dandelion seed floating in the wind, waiting to settle, take root and germinate…I tell my friends it's the 12 keys to health abundance program! Kim 10/12/18

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